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WTB 30 key Anglo for ITM


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A friend of mine (based in Stockholm) has expressed an interest in playing ITM on concertina.

I guess she's looking for a C/G instrument.

Does anyone have a reasonable quality beginners instrument for sale?

In playing condition without too much work required, or even light servicing required.

Just wondering what's out there before I present her with some options.



(Although my friend is based in Stockholm, I'm looking to source a 'tina from anywhere in EU).

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I have a clean steel-reeded 24 button Lachenal Anglo in good condition, in C/G & tuned to concert pitch. I would be looking for around £400 for it. It has the following accidentals (C#, D#, F#, G# & A#), which would mean you can play tunes in the keys of C, G, D & A. I'm happy playing Irish tunes on it though haven't ventured beyond the keys of C, G & D.

If you might be interested, I can send further details & pictures.




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Hey Steve,

I'm selling this concertina on ebay (note it is in western USA). It's an italian anglo, twenty key, in C/G. See the link for description. I did a little work on it because the rubber sleeves were totally wasted. I'm an amateur, but it seems pretty good to me. It's listed for 120, though I"m looking for 100 for it.


Good luck!

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