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Concertina Sighting, Pearl’s Peril


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Does look like a Stagi bass, and in grave danger below the dart board, if the huge dart stuck in the table is representative.  (Not to mention the axe stuck in the wall above it!)   I agree people have been drunk here plenty of times, but pirates?  I'm thinking hunters/fishermen, or possibly lumberjacks.


I'm trying to reconcile the location -  The skis suggest somewhere in the north, the higher mountainside seen through the window appears dusted with snow, but the trees are green and the water isn't frozen.  Moose and fish trophies also look like from Northern USA or Canada, but could have been acquired there and brought in.  The bird on the chair looks tropical, although could be a pet out of the cage. That spider is huge, so also tropical, and the bird is at risk!  The plate of chicken and waffles on the table suggests southern USA, although I've not seen that served with just a large spoon before.  Not even there.

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