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WTT: Lachenal C/G and Morgane B/C

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Hey folks

In my unending quest to have a concertina that plays well without issue, so I can improve as a player, I'm putting the feelers out there to see if someone would be interested in a trade.

I recently bought a mahogany ended C/G 28 button lachenal in fair shape. It needed some work and still does. I've improved a number of things and while I really do enjoy working on instruments (I make them for a living) I'd rather spend more time playing and less time fixing. I was a bicycle mechanic for over 10 years and after working on bikes more than riding them, I'm loathe to repeat that same pattern with concertinas. It plays, itll need tuning and it's got some other things going on but it's a good candidate for restoration. 


I also have a melodeon I'm putting up for sale to fund this concertina venture. I didnt intend to sell my box as I really love it, but I really want a proper concertina that plays well off the bat more than anything so I can just get to enjoying the thing.

A bit about the Morgane:

Hohner Morgane, in keys of B and C. The action is quick and set lower compared to factory Morganes, and it's been upgraded with italian Tipo A Mano reeds and the entire range shifted down a little, so that it mimics a 23 button Paolo Soprani's low end. That is, it is shifted down one button.

Responsive, dry tuned and the tipo reeds really are a easy on the ears.

The button clasp on one side recently came undone at the rivet on the strap side and I havent gotten around to replacing it, but it's a cheap fix really. Normal light wear, in good cosmetic shape, but please feel free to inspect the photos as best as possible.

Includes original hard case and one strap for playing on the side, as folks do these days with trad.


With that in mind, I'm curious if anyone would trade either a 30 button anglo or English treble in exchange for both my lachenal concertina and hohner morgane b/c box.
I'm not interested in stagi, bastari, Italian or chinese boxes, I'd be more interested in a modern hybrid like the Minstrel or a proper restored vintage concertina, maybe a lachenal new model, or something comparable. I dunno, just putting the feelers out there to see if theres any interest. 
If not, I'll ultimately just sell both individually to gain the funds anyway. I'd considered checking if this is something the button box would be interested in but I'm not sure.

I'm happy to provide more information or photos or clips if I can as well. I'm based in New England in the States. Shipping could get a mite expensive if going overseas, not to mention parcel force's extortionate fees, so just bear that in mind. We could figure that out at any rate.


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I'd say I'm particularly interested in an English, and if folks arent into in trading, but are selling one, I'd be interested in hearing what you've got!

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