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Geoffrey Crabb English

John Adey

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For sale, English concertina made by Geoffrey Crabb.


This instrument was made by Geoff in 2007 and he agreed to sell it to me in 2017; it had had minimal use in the intervening 10 years.


The layout is shown in Geoff’s original diagram - photograph attached. Many will find the added F and F sharp in the lower register particularly useful.


I am selling because it is not being played. I bought it specifically as a band instrument - for use in the two Ceilidh band I used to belong to, and which I left because of health reasons, a short time after purchasing. Hence it hasn’t had a lot of use during my ownership either.

It has fittings for wrist straps (fittings and straps included)  because I have arthritic thumb joints and the effectively new bellows were still on the stiff side when I got it; they’re now much freer. The fittings and straps were done by Colin Dipper because Geoff was unwell at the time.


I’m looking for £3,900 for this unique instrument. A contribution will be made to concertina net if sold.


I’m happy to suggestions about a trade for a top quality wooden ended tenor treble or possibly treble.













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15 hours ago, John Adey said:

Many will find the added F and F sharp in the lower register particularly useful.


indeed! added a low F to all my treble ECs which are tuned to equal temperament - but would love to have the F# too - always a tough choice, same is true for the TT layout, where I opted for the B, thus lacking the Bb, hence the opposite solution.


Good luck with the sale! ?


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