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Happy St Patrick's Day! :)


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There is much we don't know about St. Patrick


Very true, and there are differing stories of his life. Most agree that he was born as a Romano-British subject either in modern day west Wales or North West England. Captured by Irish raiders and kept a slave for 6 years. Then he went to Rome/Gaul/Britain (take your pick!) where he trained as a priest (following the footsteps of his father and grandfather) before arriving back in ireland in 433AD.


Some believe that the name "Patrick" is derived from the latin for "nobleman" and that he was the son of a Romano-British nobleman and an italian noblewoman.


It is hard to tell fact from fiction in these stories, particularly with the Irish myths winding there way around "real" saints, such as Danu, Tuatha de Danaan, the Sidhe, the otherworld, redcaps, ban-sidhe etc. etc.


Even Carolan citied his main inspiration as the "Fairy Folk"!


I love all this stuff!

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