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Any news on Mark Lloyd-Adey?

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In early October I visited the concertina-spares.com website with the intention of ordering new thumbstraps for an EC.  I found the following notice in red at the top of the homepage:

Illness Notice

The website is closed for a Three weeks. I have been slowing down and have been very lathargic for some time now and after a blood test have found my blood sugar is high and my liver is a bit dodgy. If you are waiting for items sorry for the delay, the shop will be back up asap.

Thanks Mark

I emailed mark@concertina-spares.com to express concern, and to ask him to get in touch with me when he's feeling better.  Not surprisingly, I received an auto-reply saying the same thing as his website.


At this point it's been two months, so it's obvious that Mark's guess as to when he'd be feeling better was overly optimistic.


Has anybody here been in touch with Mark Lloyd-Adey?  Does anybody know how he's doing?

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