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"Triumph" (Lachenal) Crane Duet 35k 1923, Ser No. 4062 - Reduced ( a little )


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Hi Sprunghub,

I bought 4133(8?), another 35k Crane, last year in poor condition and spent a lot of time getting it up and running again. and it plays very nicely indeed, just as you say, better perhaps then my ex-SA 48k Lachenal that had been professionally restored before I got it. This latter I intend to play as part of the local concertina band SqueezEast Concertinas. I'm keeping my 35k so that I can use it at Concertina workshops for the uninitiated to try as it is so intuitive. Currently its on loan to an Anglo player who wants to diversify and try other systems.

I've included the picture of the LHS fretwork so you can see the large split under repair and also that the fretwork is the same? (certainly very similar) as yours. I eventually had to bush the key holes in the ends so the buttons didn't flop around.




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