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TANZBAR player concertina for sale w/40 music rolls

Jere R.

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New arrival now for sale - a fine condition TANZBAR automatic player concertina. These were made in Leipzig, Germany with most dating between 1900 & the 1930's. This instrument takes some musical & muscular coordination  to get the best results, but it's loads of fun once you get the hang of it. And, its just in time for it to be a fabulous Holiday gift for your 'loved' one. Plus, this one comes with 40 original paper music rolls & a newly made roll rewind crank. Price - $1200.- plus shipping, which can be estimated if you forward me your address & zip. Shipment would be made immediately after payment is received (Paypal) &/or cleared if by CK.  Our contact - amltd-at-voicenet.com 

Take a look at the video made today: https://youtu.be/MmPBhKPG8GM

Thanks, Jere R.

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Thanks for the video!

I'm a concertina player, and a friend of mine is a barrel-organ player, so we had both heard of the Tanzbär, which is a sort of cross between the two. However, we were of differing opinions as to how the Tanzbär is operated. As your video shows, you have to pump the bellows AND pull the lever!


Very interesting - I've sent you a PM.




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