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Wheatstone English for sale

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I have a Wheatstone 48 key treble with wooden ends and coloured keys for sale for a friend (pictures attached). It has 4-fold brown bellows in reasonable condition and a full complement of steel reeds, some of which are slow to speak, all tuned about a quarter-tone sharp. Some of the keys are prone to stick open when played so some work is needed on the mechanism. The interior bears the name J. J. Vickers of Greenwich, London and the number 1774. The case is secure but could also do with some tlc.

I would be happy to receive offers on this forum but, if I have no luck, I will put it on Ebay with a starting price of 120 pounds. If I sell it here, I will make a donation.

Please let me know if you have any questions.







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hi, ime very interested in the concertina you have for sale, this would be my first concertina and as a piano player I think the English would probably be most suited to me, I like the idea of having to do some refurb work too, is this still for sale, regards Paul

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Hello. I assume the action boards are the surfaces with the Vickers label and stamps. They are certainly not worm holes. Most of them are about 2mm diameter and have a somewhat brass looking surface so I am guessing that they are something to do with the mechanism that operates the keys and pads on the other side. Most are flush with the surface but (on the label surface, for example) the one on the bottom right of the label (on the h of Greenwich) projects through slightly and the one at the foot of the picture of Mr Vickers appears as a hole. I am not willing to take it apart any more as I don't want to do any damage. Looking at the position, I wonder whether someone has used too long a screw to attach the thumb loop and that is the one that projects through. I can see no evidence of worm damage anywhere on the instrument and, other than the wear on one corner of the bellows (see the picture), they look reasonable. The bellows do not leak badly when compressed and then held vertically to open under their own weight. Hope this helps.

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I am reminded of the story of how to tell if there is a woodworm in a wooden ended concertina:-

-Count the number of holes in the fretwork of a wooden end

-If it is an odd number, there is a woodworm in there

-If it is an even number, it has left already


That should be a Christmas cracker joke. ?

Sorry to detract from a serious discussion.

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I am interested.  Can you tell me if this is still available?  I currently play Anglo and would like to learn English and be able to play more classical music.  I also play violin and piano and am intrigued by the chromatic possibilities of the English system.


Kind Regards, Ed

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