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Custom Concertina Connection Peacock Duet

Guest joshuamarcus

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Guest joshuamarcus

 Hi All,


For Sale is a Concertina Connection Peacock Duet Custom/Special in excellent condition.

Ive switched to a Crane Duet and it just suits my playing and composition better.  But I love and have loved this instrument for years.

Below are the Specs from Wim Wakker's site.

FYI Wim will accept this instrument in the trade-up program- it goes with the instrument, not the owner.

Comes with a hard case. $3100 . Will split shipping.



The Peacock is a 42 key hybrid Wicky (Hayden without the keyboard slant) duet concertina designed and developed by the Concertina Connection® Inc..
The instruments measures 7 inch across the flats. The Standard and Special models are available with ebonized (black) or natural finished ends
.The custom is available in a variety of harwoods.

Peacock special: standard natural finish with "Wakker" bellows

Specifications for all Peacock Wicky/Hayden duet models:

  • Italian hand made accordion reeds

  • traditional riveted brass action

  • traditional hand made brass end bolts and inserts

  •  domed metal capped buttons

  • bushed key holes and action

  • leather 6 fold bellows

  • hardwood ends, frames, action boards and reed pans

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Joshua could you describe and/or show pictures of the extra features that make your Peacock more expensive than a new Standard one from Concertina Connection. Any special features, etc. Thanks, Jim

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On 12/6/2019 at 3:28 PM, joshuamarcus said:

The Peacock is a 42 key hybrid Wicky (Hayden without the keyboard slant) duet concertina...


I wish it hadn’t become the norm to use the name “Wicky” to refer to the Hayden layout without the slant. While it is true that Wicky’s layout had no slant, it is also true (as we established here in a 2013 thread) that Wicky’s layout had a mirror image left hand pattern. That is, on both sides you moved up the scale as you went from index finger to middle to ring finger, etc.


Here’s a poorly exposed and out-of-focus photograph (I didn’t take it, but I cleaned it up a bit in photoshop) of the relevant page of Wicky’s manual.



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