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Lachenal Anglo ME 32 key C/G - Dipper refurb.


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I'm selling this instrument on behalf of a friend who bought it from Colin Dipper, intending to learn to play upon her retirement.  Having now found family and 'life' have left her no time, she has asked me to sell it.

It has 30 buttons for C/G playing, plus a 'bird-call' and a 'cry-baby' .  The layout seems to be standard 'Wheatstone' style and the condition is largely good and is as sold to her several years ago by Colin - I was with her when she bought it.  It seems to be in tune (modern pitch) and has been re-padded on the left side, although the right-hand side appears untouched as presumably it was felt to be ok.  The metal ends are in good condition and the action is fine with no problems.  I had to open it up to 'free-off' a couple of reed that had stopped sounding - she basically hasn't touched it since purchase - and they are now working perfectly well.  The instrument is air-tight and has good bellows, it plays well.  There are two identical numbers inside, ink-stamped onto the reed-board and the bellows frame - 98787.  I was careful to look for a 1 at the beginning, but there doesn't appear to be anything else, so I think at least this shows that the bellows are original, as fitted, but I haven't a clue about Lachenal numbering, so can't suggest its age.  Colin hazzarded the late 1890's when I originally asked and unfortunately the seller didn't retain her sale ticket, so there's no further info. available.

It has a good modern hard case and a very small label under the metal frets at one end with a music shop's name.

The seller is hoping to sell for £1600 + postage within the UK. and payment can be made via Paypal to her and she retains the instrument - I have no financial interest in this sale, just helping out.


I have a full set of photos showing the hard case, the exterior of the instrument, the bellows interior and both sides of both reed-pans as removed and I can send these via email if interested.  I struggle with the tech. of transferring from phone to website - actually I can't do it at all!! The instrument is located in North Devon (UK)


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