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Don Taylor

Concertina.net is preventing my Win 10 system from going to sleep

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I have recently noticed that my Windows 10 computer no longer goes to sleep at night.  A bit of investigation reveals that it is my Firefox browser that is preventing sleep, more specifically it is an open tab for concertina.net that seems to be the culprit.


A couple of screen shots.


The first one shows my system with Firefox running and no concertina.net tab:


and the computer will happily go to sleep.


When I open a tab with concertina.net, I get the following:


Concertina.net has opened an audio stream which keeps my computer wake at night, but no audio is being played.


Can anything be done about this?


Thx.  Don.


Added:  Running an ad-blocker does not help so it appears to be the forum code that is requesting an audio stream.  And no, I do not normally run an ad-blocker against concertina.net.

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Don, I've (silently) followed your advice on computing related matters in the past, and very useful it's been.


Thank you for the heads-up here.


To clarify, do you think the problem is caused by having concertina.net bookmarked in my browser(s) (I use

Chrome and Firefox with about equal frequency), or is it caused by leaving myself logged-in to concertina.net

on a 'permanent' basis?


Thank you.




PS: So far I've been unable to reproduce the dialogues you show in your screen-shots because I need administrator

privileges - which I do not seem to have, despite the fact that it's my machine...😕

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I can confirm the powercfg results; a different "device" (HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0288&SUBSYS_10EC0191&REV_1000\4&dcc60be&0&0001)
An audio stream is currently in use, but the same result. I don't Sleep, so can't verify that.

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