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Edward Jennings

Gremlin 56 key English Concertina for sale.

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Would offers around the £350 mark be reasonable? 

I bought this a little while ago, hoping to recapture the pleasure which I used to get from my 48 key Lachenal years ago. In the event, I couldn't play the damn thing! (The push/pull of the melodeon has now definitely become my norm.) I sold it via eBay for £380


but the buyer, from Chile, hasn't coughed up. Here's the full text from the eBay ad:


This is a lovely instrument, as can be seen from the photos. It's in almost new condition, even though I reckon it to be about 20 (+?) years old. It has 56 keys starting at F3 and going all the way up to F7, so a good chromatic range to suit any type of music, and any skill level! Theo Gibb has had a look over it and described it as a "Baritone/Treble". 

Manufactured in Italy, with Italian TAM reeds mounted on gaskets with screws. The reeds are flat mounted to the reed pan with an ingenious, hinged, "double-decker" arrangement to save on space and size. (See pics.) They have no sign of corrosion or other damage and seem to be in good tune; just a touch sharp of concert pitch, to brighten the tone.
The concertina is eight sided with six fold bellows. Similar style instruments from other manufacturers are hugely expensive; in the thousands rather than the hundreds of pounds. This one is a real (and rare) bargain for anyone wanting a concertina which does everything, it's inexpensive enough for a beginner, but versatile enough for improvers or even highly skilled players. It comes in a black padded "Superior" gig bag.
I would have liked to keep this one in my collection, but we're moving house and I need to claw back some of my investment in instruments. (There may be others coming up, so keep an eye out!)
PayPal is my preferred payment method, but cash-on-collection from Gateshead would also suit. Whilst the stated price is intended to be the starting price for the auction, if an unexpected expense comes in in the meantime, I may well be willing to accept a lower, but still sensible, offer. Free UK only postage. UK bidders only please.
Thanks for looking and good luck!
Is it of any use to a member on here? Photo's are available to view on the sold eBay ad using the link above.

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