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Two Student 30 Button Anglos for sale

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Hi. I have two Anglos that have been taking up space for some time due to ipgrades that I play more. 


One is a Bastari with metal ends that I've had for at least 15 years. There is no bag or case eith this one. The other is a CC Rochelle  that is probably a first generation. It comes wih the customary gig bag and tutor. 


They are both in good mechanical and sonic condition. Cosmetically, they aren't perfect, but they aren't beat up either.


The Bastari is essentially the same model that Liberty bellows had listed as "Brown Bastari". I hope they don't mind my reference. They're good folks and are great to deal with. Truth in advertising: The Bastari occasionally has buttons that shift slightly out of line. A screwdriver and some mechanical sense are a plus. This is not atypical among older Bastari's and can be fixed with patience and surgical tubing of tge right duameter. 


The Rochelle has a small amount of external wear on the leg edges of the bellows. The bellows on both instruments are very good with air supply. Both are in good tuning. 


Either one would be a good starter to see if Anglo is the way to go. 


I'll gladly post photos if there's any interest. I'd like $250 plus shipping for each. They'll be carefully packed and insured. Paypal only, and only continental US, please. Returns after 10 days, but buyer pays shipping both ways. 


PM if interested. 



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The CC Rochelle has found a new home.  The Bastari is still looking for one!

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The Rochelle is sold and concertina net has been paid their customary sellers fee. 


The Bastari is still looking for a new home. 

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