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Classical Concertina Music and Instruction Books For Sale


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I'll be listing concertina music/tutors for sale on a continuing basis...hoping this stuff can find a loving home!


Boosey's Instrumental Library: English Concertina Series, No. 50 -- paperback bound in boards; some foxing; 20 pages, undated  $30.00


Several Items Bound Together: Dallas' Tutor for English Concdertina by W. Seymour, 22 pages; Dallas' Concertina Soloist No. 1 arranged by Ernest Hamilton, 24 pages; Dallas' Concertina Soloist No. 2, arranged by W. Seymour, 20 pages; Dallas' Concertina Soloist No. 3, arranged by W. Seymour, 16 pp.  All undated; $40.00


Salvation Army Tutor for the English Concertina, New Ed., Revised and Enlarged--paperback bound in boards, some staining on cover, 56 pages, $35.00


The English Concertina Player's Companion by C. Roylance, paperback bound in boards, 56 pages, $40.00


Exercises for the Concertina composed by T. Berbiguier; London: C Wheatstone, 20 pages -- lots of scale runs!  $25.00


Overture to William Tell by Rossini arranged by J. Howard Shackleton, London: C Wheatstone -- $20.00


There's tons more available for examination -- will endeavor to list items on a daily or semi-daily basis ...  if interested, please message me as all can be had for a good price!


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