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Just a couple of minor pedantic points, Dave. Hope you don't mind me pointing them out.

1. In bar 7, the last quaver should be a B, not G#

2. In bar 12, the two notes F# and E should be a singe dotted minim E. The suspension which you have shown is part of the harmony, not the melody.


Here (attached) is a preview version of the full piano score, albeit in the key of G, not your transposed version in D. The tune starts at bar 4.


(an Archers fan for over 50 years)





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Thanks Steve, I took the dots directly  from abc in key of G, but choose to transpose to 'D'.

  I try to simplify the tunes so that it won't be too intimidating for "New Players & Beginners"

 The main objective is to get a tune that sounds right to the ear. But with vagaries of

computer science the Music Software  I use makes some of the decisions for me, ie type of note and length

I then play the tune as I see it on the screen and if it sounds ok, I accept it will be more careful in the

future,  I'll dig out my old Quill and parchment and ink well!  plus a couple of candles.   Like you have been a

fan from the start, but do not like some of the tune versions which they have experimented with..


Best Regards 






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