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"Alternative" Anglo Concertina Players

Sean M

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Most of the anglo concertina players I know play Irish trad and although I'm not as familiar with it, I'm assuming there are a good number of English folk musicians who play them as well. Does any one have any suggestions for music outside of England/Ireland that plays anglo concertina? The instrument has a big history in Germany as far as production but was it commonly played there as well?


While writing this I remembered that the anglo concertina has a big role in Boer music. Anywhere else I can look for anglo players across the world?

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Here are some ideas about other musics that sound good, in my opinion, on anglo and for which a typical 30-button anglo in C/G is well suited. That's not necessarily to say that musicians within these traditions have made or are still making extensive use of anglo concertinas, just that there is some (or even a great deal of) evidence that concertinas have served those musics well in the past and may still serve:

Swedish [lots of polska & other dance tunes]

French dance music [concertinas seem to have been generally but not completely eclipsed by melodons & accordions]

Russian [Russian music has a strong tradition of using English and anglo in the genre called "chastushki"]

Czech & Slovak

Klezmer dance tunes and lots of Yiddish songs (concertina as accompaniment or as melody lead)

Sea shanties from many countries

and, of course, South Africa's "boermusik"


I suggest that you consult Dan Worrall's 2-volume masterpiece called "The Anglo-German Concertina: A Social History," Concertina Press, Fulshear, Texas 2009 ISBN 978-0-9825996-0-0 if you want to delve deeper into this.



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Lots more traditional African Anglo Squashbox and Palm Wine Concertina on the web if you search hard. This is one of my favorites...


and the last I checked, can be downloaded here:



Great stuff!

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