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Since finishing Xmas 2019, I have been messing about.  Now I am getting to grips with the VCam thing and the associated software

I thought I try to Improve on the PDF's which I attach yo my posts.  I have found how to make them more realistic to players by not only

outing a printable pdf with my posts, but to animate them as well.  You will note that I am NOT playing along with these two offerings

I have chosen a piano sound font which fits with the pdf.  There are two versions one is Portrait Mode and the Other in Landscape mode

both of the same tune  and same tempo. I have again attached a linke to Google Cloud for each One.  I really would PLEASE ask for

relies comments good or poor.  I will let you decide which format people prefer, I have not uploaded these to Utube as yet as I wait for

comments on Google Cloud.  Many thanks to all who have viewed Xmas 2019,  hopefully this format of PFD's might well work in 2020.


Again many thanks for viewing in the past


Auld Lang Syne PORTRAIT



Auld Lang Syne LSCAPE



Regards to all


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A timely question Dave.....I am a non-music/dot reader who has to annotate the notes atop the stave and try to read keep up as I play normally.  I am - as previously expressed, very taken with your posts.  I am, the more I annotate, learning to read the dots, but it's not coming naturally or very fast when playing through.  I try to learn from the annotated notes then play by ear/memory.    

I sat last evening and worked my way through your Xmas Tune book via the tunes I knew/recognised which was most of them. 

Reading it from the page via the Lap top, I ended up either having to stop and page down or play by ear the parts that were 'off the bottom of the page' ( I know I could have printed it but the Boss say's the ink is low! )  The animated page as per this post eliminates that need.  I know a growing number of 'Session night' players who use a Notebook to act as an aide memoir whilst singing and / or playing and I think the rolling presentation is a useful aide for us latecomers.   


I guess my only 'add' to a wish list would be for a 'suggested chord' pattern above the music.....in a contrast colour......but that may be too much of an ask.  I know enough to work through and work them out now.....but not in my head.  Personally the landscape is preferred....


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Thanks for comments, I am In the process of doing a Step bt Step list for mathhag. My next post up in a latwe today is 

EASY NOTES MUSICAL PDF, hope you like as I am still getting to grips with the technology (Smart Phones ?)

When I was a kid, Two Tin Cans  and a piece of string was our smart communication.





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