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Alfred Pendrill Snr & Jnr Bn1851 & Bn1873


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I have had the good fortune to come across a Jeffries bearing an internal mark for A. G. Pendrill.  It would appear there were a father and son,  Alfred senior, at 20 yrs was a cabinet maker, at 40, 50 and 60 years he was a "Concertina worker" in  London according to basic census data.  He may well have survived until 1930. 


Alfred Jnr was a Concertina Tuners apprentice aged 18 ( Bn 1873 ) and a tuner at 28, but may have left the trade by early middle age to become a Tobacco and Confectionary retailer.  Indications are he may have survived as late as 1966, which would be a good age for both if correct. 


It may be just a mark made during a 'service' rather than construction, but I wondered if the name was familiar to anyone re. Jeffries workers.  It is the only internal mark apart from '38' marked on (inside) bellows and action board, with 'L' & 'R' for the appropriate ends.  


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Thanks for bringing this information to public attention.


I believe that the name (A G Pendrill) written in the instrument in question is that of Alfred Jnr. 

In other record entries inspected, he is recorded as Alfred George Pendrill. ( 1872-1966) 

It is true that he is recorded in the 1911 Census as ‘Tobacconist & Confectioner’ and his wife, Elinor, ‘Retailer’ both residing at 4. The Market, Meads Lane, Ilford. By 1939 (pre-war England and Wales Register), both are now living at 53. Meads Lane. Ilford, a retail shop with accommodation above and are now recorded as Alfred - ‘Concertina Tuner (Retired) and Elinor ‘Confectioner’. This address was and still is, a shop.


Regarding Alfred Snr. (1851–1930), on all census records, birth / death indexes and National Probate Calendar he is recorded as ‘Alfred’ only. However, whilst his marriage certificate of (25th July 1875) is annotated Alfred George Pendrill, an amendment in the RH margin indicates that name should read Alfred Pendrill.


It is possible that Alfred Sen. was employed ‘in house’ (possibly Lachenal’s) on concertina woodwork construction and Alfred Jnr, as was common, an outworker or ‘journeyman’ tuner. As the latter was usually casual or intermittent work, it would allow him the freedom to take on other tuning/re-tuning work of his choice.

Therefore, I believe that the subject Jeffries instrument was only re-tuned by him at some time.



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I am a relation to Elinor Pendrill.  She was my great aunt, sadly I never knew her or any of the her family at the shop in Mead's Lane but, in recent years have learned more, from researching the family tree.  My dad used to tell me about Alfred and the concertinas made and played when he would go to visit at their shop.  A few years ago I met a Pendrill relation and I am still in touch with them via social media.

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