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Meet Dick LaVine... again

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Dick LeVine plays the English concertina like a voice from the past, echoing up to beguile again, our forgetful ears.


Long ago In 1967, Dick began studying concertina with the great Boris Matusewitch who became more than a teacher and mentor but also a dear friend. When Boris passed away in 1978, Dick put the instrument down for what he thought would be a week. The week turned into 22 years!


He began again in 2000 and continues to play the old English concertina arrangements that he learned from Boris so long ago.


Matusewitch cleverly packs dense harmonic information into a tiny package with his sparse arrangements that are both terse and romantic while flirting with the constraints of an English concertina singing torch songs.


In the capable hands of Mr. LaVine, the concertina does indeed sing the old songs clearly.


It's a sad and lonely vigil of despair and regret in LaVine's rendition of “Speak Low”. http://jodykruskal.com/player_profile/dick-lavine_assets/09 Speak Low.mp3


In his Sophisticated Lady, the chromaticism and lyricism, and I'm sure several other related is-ms... all entwine to delight and thrill, even the most jaded of listeners. http://jodykruskal.com/player_profile/dick-lavine_assets/12 Sophisticated Lady.mp3


Hear all 5 selections at:


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