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Concertina Player/folksinger Bob Zentz Coming To N

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Bob Zentz in Concert

Sunday, March 20, 2005 at 2 p.m.

Upstairs at The Press Room

71 Daniel Street, Portsmouth, NH

-- A Smoke-Free Event --


Bob Zentz, noted American folksinger and multi-instrumentalist, will be performing upstairs at the Press Room, 71 Daniel Street, Portsmouth, NH on Sunday afternoon, March 20, 2005 at 2:00 p.m. This will be a smoke-free event, with a modest $10.00 admission. Recordings will be available as well as the best potables for the thirsty. Bob's website is -- www. BobZentz.com.


Join us for an afternoon of Sailor Songs -- from the Age of Sail to the Age of Sonar. Bob Zentz is a traveling performer, teacher, multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, songwriter, and nautical folklorist from Norfolk, Virginia. Performing on banjo, melodeon, concertina, guitar, harmonica, jew's harp and cittern, his repertoire includes original, contemporary and traditional songs and tunes of the folk who work on and near the water.


A Bob Zentz concert is a smorgasbord of contemporary, traditional and original songs, tunes and chat, linked by the artist's philosophic perspective, thematic-logic and a strong sense of history, humanity and humor. In performance, the audience becomes involved, creating a spirit of community through shared choruses and related ideas.

From traditional Celtic tunes and ballads to science fiction songs, sea songs and chanteys; from tales of "old timers and old rhymers" to poetry [set to music], each show is a unique testimony to Bob's vast repertoire and varied personal interests. Bob Zentz is, a singer of songs, old and new, about people, places and times gone by, as well as a player on dozens of the usual, and unusual unplugged folk instruments. He is a collector of stories in verse, a teller of the tales behind the songs, a commentator on the ecology of the human spirit and a scholar of the evolution of "home-made music." And, sure! Bob Zentz sings some songs he writes...but, that's just because he couldn't find 'em anywhere else!


Among other feats, Bob also entertained a school of dolphins with his concertina. I will post the thread from Mudcat as soon as I can track it down.


Hope to see some of you at the show -- Tom

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