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Three Recent Anglo Videos

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These were just posted to YouTube within the last 24 hours.  Wish I could offer details beyond the tune names but I can’t offer translations of the associated text.  Regardless, these “Concertina and Guitar” offerings are very well done.  I'm only including one link, the other two video's will show up as options at the end of this one.



A bit of a bonus, while I was casting about trying to figure out the performer in the above video(s), I stumbled across this nice spritely offering from Toru Kato on a 40-button Anglo. 



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I heard “concertina” several times but that was all I could recognize from the narrative.  Using Google I found a photo of Jayden and I'd say there is a good chance it matches the player in the video, but the player’s face isn’t well displayed in the video so there's some uncertainty.  I also found one YouTube video that might be Jayden playing but it shows only the concertina.

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9 hours ago, mac ponc said:

Thanks for posting this; it's awesome! Out on the Ocean is one of my favorite jigs of all time, and he plays it just beautifully. I kept trying to figure out if his concertina was green or if it was just an effect of the lighting.


It's a black Suttner with metal ends and gold tooling on the bellows.


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