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Fully chromatic concertina for Begginer

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I am about to learn concertina for new instrument and buy concertina for begginer. And I'm looking for fully chromatic concertina to play jazz musics.

I found 'Jackie/Jack concertina' but there was some review about durability problem.

Is it okay to buy or may I found another instrument? Is there better option?

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The Jackie will get you plenty far enough to know if the English concertina is for you and does what you want it to. They are by far the best beginner EC at their price range. 


You can then make the investment in a better instrument secure in the knowledge that the EC is right for you, and everything you learnt on the Jackie will transfer across to any future instrument. 

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I started playing EC because I was a tone deaf cellist. I liked the chromatic aspect of the instrument. I began on a Jack, because I could play the cello repertoire on it. I loved that box so much. I played the begeebers out of it. When I was convinced that this was a life-long source of joy and the bellows finally gave way (3 years, 3 hours/day), I did not hesitate to upgrade. I picked up a Morse Albion, then traded that for a Geordie when that came out. 


So, in summary, I strongly recommend the Jackie/Jack instruments to get you going! The little tunebook that comes with is a nice starting tutor, too. Then I went on to The Concertina Workshop by Alistair Anderson.

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