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D/A Lachenal 30 button Rare Bird

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I just noticed a listing on Barleycorn Concertinas for a D/A Lachenal which is temporarily being listed as a D/A as it was originally a D/A instrument.  It is completely restored, but it seems Mr. Alger is testing  the waters for this original tuning.  He goes on to say in the listing if there is  no interest in this instrument in these  keys he will re-tune it to C/G.  So if you are looking for a rare bird, here you go.

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I have a 22 button metal ended Lachenal (miniature) in D/A, and it has a very lovely tone and the pitch does not feel shrill. I have recently tried a C/G piccolo .......Now, that was shrill like an angry baby.


I'd love to hear Barleycorn's D/A for myself.



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