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I see our newest member (glo) is number 1066. If we have only 895 registered members and only one has been excommunicated, to my knowledge, where have all the others gone?

Mike, if you've never seen an obvious spam post here, you're lucky.


Ken and Paul work very hard to keep C.net free of spam, but some spammers actually go to the trouble of manually registering on Forums like this, so that they can post their "great deal on...!!", etc. huckster ads. One morning I saw what I'm certain was the same spammer register a second time under a new name minutes after his first "incarnation" was deleted.


Spam posts get deleted, and their "names" unregistered, to keep them from subverting the Forums and annoying the rest of us. If in the history of this forum more than 15% of "members" have actually been spammers, maybe knowing that will give us all a better appreciation of how much work Ken and Paul are actually putting in to keep things working smoothly for us.


Thanks, guys! :)

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The actual number is around 35 or 40. The number you quote was during the Invision upgrade, when people trying to hit the site failed, but it kept counting them all up. Sorry, it's all a computer glitch (most of our existence is too, for that matter).

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