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This is a 60-key metal-ended 12-sided Edeophone with 8-fold black all-leather bellows, ca. 8" dia. The serial no. is 4366, which I guess probably places it somewhere around the 'Edwardian' era. It's in modern pitch and good playing order.

The instrument was protected in its original case for most of its life until that case was so tattered that I replaced it with a good new one. For this reason, the general condition is exceptionally good, with little wear to the bellows. The Edeophone represents Lachenal's very tip-top of reed-work and craftsmanship, equal to that of the best makers. It's an awful lot of instrument for the price I'm asking!

At some time before I bought the instrument, 25 years ago, the tuning on the right hand side only had been lowered professionally overall by 3 tones, so that the fingering pattern on the keyboard is exactly the same but gives notes lowered by one row. The layout diagram that I've appended on a follow-on post will explain the arrangement. I've highlighted 'Middle C' on both sides in red. Neither I, or anyone that's played the instrument as far as I know, has ever found this change to be a problem. I'm an Anglo player. I never 'stuck with' duet concertina playing and have retained the Edeophone this long only because it's such a beautiful thing!

My asking price is £1600 GBP but might be open to sensible offers. 

Selling to a personal caller would be my preference but I am prepared to post at the purchaser's expense (this within GB would be around £30 (insured) but considerably more overseas.)

(If sold in this forum, I will contribute usual commission to Concertina.net).  Thanks for looking,    Dave


100_6654 (2).JPG

100_6652 (2).JPG

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Hello Dave, I may be interested in the duet after this weekend , if it is not sold I will mail you again early next week.



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