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Talk on free reed instruments

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Good morning all I have never given a talk before but have said I will talk on free reed instruments to my supper club about 30 members.

I shall start with the Jaw harp then move on to harmonica concertina melodeon and melodica I have all these instruments so can display them on a table.

Any advise please the talk will be in the new year so time to get it sorted.

Thanks Ron  

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Since you mention the Jew's harp, you might also mention the African kalimba, pointing out that these are plucked reeds, as opposed to the more familiar blown reeds. Nevertheless, they demonstrate that you need one reed (or tongue) for each pitch, although the timbre of a single reed can be influenced by the form of the resonance chamber.

Another distinction comes to mind: the blown reeds can be either bellows-driven (concertinas, accordions, harmoniums, etc.) or mouth-blown (sho/scheng, harmonicas, Melodica, etc.)


You might also want to point out the essential difference between a free reed and a beating reed (as found in woodwing instruments).


I wish you much success with your talk.



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