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Vintage concertina; does anyone know where it can be repaired (Qc, Canada)

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Well, thank you Hielandman!

But, finally, after serious consideration, I decide to buy a second concertina from Frank Edgley (Ontario/Canada), but this time a Heritage model. I don't know Frank personally but friends of mine, yes. Everyone agrees that he builds concertinas like a true artist, an exceptionnel craftsman. I have complete confidence in him! I look forward to receiving it... in spring! Can't wait!!! I'll be for sure in Dublin, end of May; maybe I'm gonna sell the Celtic Lion I got (since 2006)! Never had problem with it. In excellent condition! I'll see! 

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Your welcome, Lyle!  


Well I have to say, an Edgley Heritage model is a VERY good choice!  Frank Edgley is an exceptional craftsman, and a nice guy!  He used to be my repair guy of choice until he started building concertinas full time!  I was lost for a while when that happened, then in 2006 I was referred to Greg J. by someone on this site, and he has gotten all my work since then!  Good luck with your new Heritage,  I am sure the wait will be worth it!  Take care, 



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