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david robertson

38-key Bb/F Jeffries

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A mouth-watering example of a metal-buttoned 38-key Jeffries! The ends have been beautifully re-plated and polished, and I have fitted it with new 7-fold gold-tooled bellows. In other words, this has been a no-expense-spared restoration, because the internal condition led me to believe it was worth it - and I have not been disappointed. The layout is more or less standard Jeffries (insofar as there is such a thing!), and it plays fast and loud, with that unmistakeable Jeffries tone.

I have replaced all pads, valves, bushes and straps, stripped and French polished the woodwork, and tuned the instrument to modern concert pitch.

If you're looking for a Bb/F, it could be quite a while before you see a better one. I'm asking £4500, and as always, you're welcome to come and have a squeeze, or call me on 01603 702644 if you have any questions.






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Thanks, David for your prompt reply.  in case anyone is looking, I'm not buying - wish i could, though!.

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David doesn't want to deal, so no longer need this post.

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