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For sale - Andrew Norman G/D


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Hi All


The time has come to list one of my (7) concertinas for sale. It pains me to do this, but I'm going to list my first concertina here.... An Andrew Norman 30 button G/D, built January 1997 and owned from new by me. One end is badged Gremlin as it was bought new from Hobgoblin Crawley.

It has metal ends and black 6 fold bellows with Jeffries papers. Tuned to concert pitch and set up with the Wheatstone/Lachenal button layout. Obviously there is some minor wear around the black woodwork, but the pads, springs and bellows are all working as they should be. This concertina has been enjoyed by yours truly for 20 odd years now, and I've tried my best to look after it!

I've only uploaded one picture, I can send more if you are interested.

There is a video of it being played by yours truly here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06LdKxpIW_k


No case, but will make sure it is properly packed for postage.

Looking for offers around £800 plus UK postage at £12


(PS - I have another account on here, but couldn't get in to it so have had to set up a new one, hence only one post!)

GD Norman.JPG

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