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flexible liquid electrical tape.

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I don't need to fix any bellows, but I wondered if any of you have experimented with this.  (My brain is an interesting place)  A few years back used this product in an electrical repair.  Some seem dry brittle but some advertise themselves as remaining flexible. I believe the one I used remained flexible, but the repair is in a past house so I can't really check. I wonder if it would serve as a stop gap semi temporary repair when leather is beginning to crumble.  Again, I wouldn't recommend using it without experimentation, certainly not on a valuable instrument, but even the liquid version of Flex Seal stuff they are pushing on infomercials looks like it could helpsome one get by on a cheap concertina or buy some time on a set of bellows that are going to be replaced.   Just curious.

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9 hours ago, Frank Edgley said:

If the  leather is beginning to crumble, it will probably continue to do so.....a losing battle, most likely.

You are absolutely correct.  I was thinking of the folks trying to keep an old cheapie  like a well worn Stagi with leather bellows alive for a few more months while they wait for their name to hit the top of someones list. :)  Certainly not a serious repair.  Though in those cases leather patches would likely be a better bet. 


I know I had an old paper bellows accordion that I kept alive for awhile with pva glue and  heavy paper patches.  In that case it was one of those old small hohner piano keyed accordions declared suitable for decoration for the most part...   It went through quite a few hands including those of many children before returning to the Goodwill store from which it came.

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I would guess that the liquid  electrical tape would make it very difficult to impossible to do further (proper) repairs in that area of application. 


Obtaining some skived leather from concertina.spares or making your own leather patches to affect a proper repair is not impossible.  The trick is to start with thin goat leather (sheepskin is alright for the valleys or internal gusset patches) and patiently work it down as thin as possible especially toward the edges.  Possible to do with a skiving knife or another sharp blade. 

Sandpaper taped to a flat board is another way.  A belt sander is quicker, just watch your finger tips.?



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I use liquid electrical tape for its intended purpose: sealing electrical connections on a boat.  I have also used it to give something (for example a wine glass) a non-skid bottom.  It is sticky, stringy, messy stuff.  It would be hard to make a decent looking patch.


I seem to remember an article here (when concertina.net had articles as well as forums) where somebody used it on the inside of a Stagi bellows, I think that they soaked some cotton cloth in liquid electrical tape and pressed it on the inside of the bellows.  It might be worth trying this on some failing non-leather bellows such as on a Stagi or a Rochelle or one of the cheap Chinese boxes, but I would not want to mess with this stuff on real leather bellows.


Found a link: https://www.concertina.net/gs_stagirepair.html

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Nice, helpful folks.


BTW most Edeos have hook and arm action which can, with some patience and care, be set up to play nicely with a relatively light touch.  While rivet action may be advantage: Aeola,  the Edeo does have some discreet charms which some find a match or superior to the Aeola.

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