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Lachenal Rosewood-ended 32 Button Anglo C/G with Hard Case

Steve Pribyl

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This concertina was purchased by Ken Shaw from Chris Timson, webmaster of concertina.info (?), in 2006. It had been renovated a couple of years prior by Chris Algar, who sold it to Chris Timson. Ken Shaw met Greg Jowaisas around 2012 at a festival in Texas and showed him the Lachenal. Greg told Ken it was the best model Lachenal made and agreed that he could make a better bellows. He replaced the bellows and straps with gorgeous dark green leather, did work on the pads, valves, and springs and tightened up the action and added bushings around the buttons. He also added the gold leaf decoration on the sides.


In Ken’s words, “When it came back, the new bellows had improved everything! The buttons worked better and the tone had improved due to the tighter air plumbing. Noel Hill told me it was the best Lachenal he had seen!”


No serial number is visible, but Ken told me it’s about 100 yrs old. It has a very sweet, warm, woodsy sound. There is some damage (and repair that can be seen from the inside) to the rosewood fretwork, but it seems solid. The bellows still needs to be “played in” (per my conversation with Greg Jowaisas), as Ken has not played it much in the last couple of years. There is a tiny screw missing in the middle of one face.


I haven't played it much over the past few years, as I lucked into a Jeffries, which I have been playing almost exclusively.


Price: $2500 + shipping, insurance, etc. I am in Pasadena, CA.








IMG_2817 2.JPG


Primrose Lass Lachenal - 9:25:19, 8.41 PM.mp3

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Price reduced from $2700 to $2500
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Hi Steve,  I wonder if we might Skype sometime this week and I might hear it being played?  Or do you have a sound recording for it?  I am looking for -- well, everyone is looking for -- a sweet and mellow, easy to play instrument.  Right now I have one made by Frank Edgley who lives a few hours away from me here in Ontario and it's well made with a bright sound.   But it is made with accordion reeds and doesn't sound sweet like older ones I've heard in Ireland.  

Please let me know if you are up for Skyping or if you have a recording of your instrument.

Also -- is Michael Eskin the person who recommended your concertina -- as I am an admirer of his and also on FB --? 

All the best, Kari

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Hi Kari,

Yes, Michael Eskin has played it and is the "Eskin" who commented ?

I will send you a recording. I'll try to get someone to do it who has more skill than I have, as I am a newbie. Unfortunately, there aren't any concertina players near me. If I can't get something relatively quickly, I'll put something together myself. I think it needs to be recorded with a good mic to convey what you are interested in hearing. Unfortunately, Michael Eskin is in San Diego, or I would ask him to do it. 



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