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SF Bay Area players gathering December 8!

Daniel Hersh

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The next San Francisco Bay Area concertina players gathering (our first in over a year) will be on Sunday December 8 from 2 to 5 pm at the home of a local player who lives in Albany, fairly close to the North Berkeley BART station. 


Players at all levels of all types of concertina are welcome.   We typically start with a round robin where everyone who's interested can play a tune/song each for the rest to hear, or show off a new instrument, or whatever. The rest will be informal and unplanned, with several rooms in the house available for small sessions or discussions.  We can have a "for sale" table if anyone brings concertinas or related items they're trying to sell.  Those who attend can to bring snacks to share.


New this time: I will bring a Jedcertina (which I recently purchased from Peter Smith, who is on c.net) in case anyone wants to try one out.


For more info, PM me or email me at hrshsand "at" earthlink.net.

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I'll be there with a Jeffries Duet as well as a Wolverton Anglo - looking forward to meeting concertina players in the Bay Area! 


Also, if I can be of any help to any struggling Anglo players, there will likely be some extra workshops or one-on-ones that weekend too, happy to help as always.


And who knows, I might even bring a few books with me...



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