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Swapping C# & Eb 1st button right hand


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Years ago I swapped over the C# and Eb reeds on the first button outside row right hand of my C-G anglo in order to make a couple of tunes / chords work better. 

I get Eb on the push and C# on the pull. It makes sense for me but I'm an Anglo player and we are all a bit odd.  Is this a well known mod I wonder? 

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For c/g Jeffries layouts,  the first button is eb/c# (press/draw) and the second is c#/eb, though I have seen a few instruments that have been reversed.  Wheatstones and Lachenal layouts have only the one c# / eb. With the c# on the press.  If you did this years ago, clearly it works for you. What else matters?


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