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SOLD - Kapek Chemnitzer and Geuns Bandoneon


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Kapek (Morbodoni) Chemnitzer in C.  In other words, the G and A rows sound concert pitch.  I believe that this is a quad.  It has six stops for various reed combinations yet is not as big as my Arno Arnold Bb "Slimline".  In wonderful shape and tune with a good hard case.  $500.


Geuns Student Model C-system Bandoneon.  Purchased used from Harry last year.  He went through it and tuned it before shipping.  Upgraded buttons.  Comes with backpack gig bag.  These aren't available anymore and so finding a good one isn't that easy.  My Schoma Bandoneon is C-system both sides, hence the redundancy. $1000.


If you want to try one of the larger, square brothers of our concertinas, these would be a place to start without hurting your wallet.


Buyer pays packing and shipping.





14,5 mm knop det.jpg

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