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Lachenal Tuning Bellows on ETSY


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Lachenal Tuning Bellows.  I've seen these on ETSY for a while and thought that they might be of interest to someone here.  Have heard of them but never seen a set until this one.  I have no relationship to the seller.



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I wonder if the "value" of this item is not as a modern tool, but as an antique special item from the historic Lachenal factory.

This is probably the kind of tuning bellows, along with a test concertina, that the great Tommy Williams would have used when he was a freelance tuner for Lachenal,

as described in his famous interview and recordings, where he says they told him his tuning was too good.

While I would not pay $448 for it, especially with one reed plate missing, it is a genuine piece of concertina making history

that might be worth bidding something for.



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Ridiculous price on ETSY. I have a Lachenal tuning bellows that I will sell for US$150 plus shipping. There are two types of Lachenal tuning bellows--single set of tuning slots and double sets of tuning slots. Mine has a single set of tuning slots. As someone indicated, they are very handy when doing some tweaking of an instrument. If interested, please send me a private message.

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