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Tune & Easy Notes The Green Fields Of France-TAKE TWO


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I recorded this on Audacity file before I got my new camcorder thing, so the video bit is a picture of my concertina

and the audio track is from the MP3 from Audacity.  I have included two PDF files one is the dots all on one page the

other is the dots spread over two pages It depends whether which suit your own eyesight.   Regards Dave








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The video is not showing for me from the pasted link ? "unavailable - duplicate of another You Tube video" ?  I am very taken with that dot/notation option as a non reader who creates a similar letter/note 'guide' for myself in a gibberish 'sentence' fashion, until I have it in my muscle/ear memory but without the appropriate dot's as background.  I don't think I have ever seen notation written out like that before ? I think combining the two as you have could help me learn to sight read!    


(Is there a template/App for creating the PDF's or is it just a labour of love ?) 

NB ......Just....found your previous, recent explanatory posts re the process....I will have to get one of the family who understands such things to have a look at that for me...  

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Thanks for the reply, I too have some difficulty with this  modern technology hence my last edit.

I can play and record that's bits fine in Audacity which is still a FREE program, I can choose to keep a recording

in it's own format which I do as a backup.  It also has the ability to allow me to export the tune as a MP3 audio file.

Then I use a audio file converter prog to produce a MIDI file.  That midi is then loaded into the Notatation Composer software.

which itself converts the midi to a readable/playable  piece of sheet music, just adjust the layout to suit yourself and export as a PDF File

It sounds complicated but it is not really, the hard bit is when I import the MP3 into the Video Editing software it puts it into a sound track

and up to now I have just imported a picture as well and that goes into a video track,  save as Whatever name and then upload to U-tube

it then gives you the link (URL) to the tune which in theory I then Insert into the posts, along with the PDF and as is by magic it should all work.

I am now at the stage where the last bit of posting to the forum goes pear shaped. Some times its works sometimes I get it wrong..as in GREEN FIELDs

I shall keep trying and one day it will all come together.


So if anyone out there can tell me where I going wrong please tell me. I think this question should be a subject for another type of website, but I am only 

interested in the playing and enjoying the music.






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Cheers Dave....I come to this song from singing it unaccompanied ( the Men They Couldn't Hang version ) which is a simplified ( according to my ear  ? ) tune to EB's original and your playing.  I then learnt to chord accompany 'strummed' on guitar and then fingerpick the chords.  I am new to the Concertina, wanting to sing and play Duet, preferably at the same time! so it is useful to find tunes/songs I recognise/understand as I don't need to be trying (too hard) to remember the words/tune as well as making fingers move in the right place/order.


I have downloaded the 'free' intro version of Notation Composer and can see how that works via their pre-loaded examples....I have also downloaded Audacity and managed to convert a WAV file from my laptop into an MP4.  'My' laptop runs on 'old' Windows which they seem to suit.  I have a Tascam which records WAV files.  It's not recognising that as a readable file by Notation yet.... so it may not be a MIDI.  It will probably not like it anyway because it is a recording on the Duet of melody with chords behind/over as opposed to single notes.  Either way I will persevere.  

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3 hours ago, voyager said:

Then I use a audio file converter prog to produce a MIDI file. 

What is this program, it sounds useful (and very clever).


So, if I understand you correctly, you can learn a tune by ear, record it and then get this program to convert it to midi which Notation Composer will then turn into the dots for you.  Basically, an automatic musical transcription.  That would be very handy indeed!

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Audacity is the prog  I use to physically record my playing using a cheapo external mic, I when finished  exported the audio file as MPs, I then used an old copy of Switch Sound File Converter to turn the MP3 into a MIDI file.  Notation Composers only accepts MIDI or XML or its own NOT files.  Once the midi has been loaded it produces the sheet music.  If you say use ABC  and play it in ABC, you can then also export ABC into a midi file, load into Notation and job done new sheet music you can manipulate save in Notation or as I do and also EXPORT file to PDF.  That's what I have been posting.  The File Switch Software is available but to get the midi conversion now I think you have to buy a Pro Version, but Im sure that there are others out there.

When I get to the stage of not having any MIDI files I would just use ABC to produce them.  Hope this helps a little I keep no secrets too more interested in the music than the technology.


Regards Dave

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