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I'm getting ready to pack for the NE Squeeze In.  I'll be there September 20th and 21st and bringing several 20b C/G anglos, several englishes priced below $850, a few top notch New Models and several nice Aeolas.  I may be able to fit in a Crane and MaCann as well.  If you can't attend NESI you can personal message or email me for a list of available instruments.  Cnet will get a donation for any instrument sold through this post.


I hope to hold three workshops dealing with concertina repair and maintenance: One concerning bellows repair and air tightness.  Another on trouble shooting and alleviating common problems.  The third will cover setting up a concertina so it plays to its full potential.


Hope to see you there.




gjowaisas(type the "at" symbol)fioptics.com


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Hi Greg - you restored my 20 button anglo Lachenal C/G a while back and it is great fun and I love it, but I'm starting to learn tunes that require C# so beginning to look around for an upgrade. Please let me know if you have anything for sale that I would be interested in. I'm playing irish trad tunes and occasionally some old timey / bluegrass as well.


Hope you are well and have a great time at the squeeze-in.




Chris Deis

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