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Skype or In Person Lessons - USA based/International students welcome!

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Hello all,


My name is Florence Fahy.  I am an anglo concertina player from Co. Clare.  I am teaching with over 15 years.  I come from a background of music that is steeped in the Clare style of concertina playing.

My father played, grandfather and his father before him... If you are interested in lessons, I am based in Boston, MA and I am available for in person lessons or Skype lessons to those of you living in Boston but I am also available to those of you who live in different States or countries via Skype too. I have many different levels of students currently from all over the USA and I really enjoy helping them improve and grow and learn.  I have a flexible schedule and I can work with whatever is suitable for both of us.  If you would like to hear and see more about me please check out my website:

www.concertinachick.com  On my website I also post a tune of the month for you to learn so if not lessons then just go check out my tunes!!!! I hope you have fun learning them!


Thanks for checking me out!


Florence Fahy



Consairtin 2019.jpg

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