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Hi I have just recorded at tune along with a PDF of the dots.  I posted a while ago Xmas Tunes 2

for new players with just the dots and now I am trying to get up to date so this is my first attempt any comments more than welcome 

so I can alter to suit I use the same dots as before Easy Notes.


Hope you like



Dark Island,.pdf

01- The Dark Island.mp3

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I listened to the recording last night, and it sounded good.  The playing has a few hesitations, but overall very nice and clear.  The recording sounds as if resonating in a large empty room, which gives it a far away feeling, quite appropriate for this particular tune, although perhaps it might muddle other more bouncy tunes such as a fast jig.


The notation didn't appear to be correct.  The note pitches and the lengths were all just fine, but the bar lines were off by one crotchet. (1/4 note)   This tune ought to start with a pickup prior to the first full bar, so the first two quavers (1/8 notes) would be before the bar, with the downbeat of the full measure on the next note, and everything else shifts forward one 1/4 note to match.  I can't seem to open the .pdf today though, and see that your post was recently edited, so I don't know if that file has since been changed.



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