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Help Identifying a 20b Anglo

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Hi All your help is required,


I  have recently purchased a 20 button anglo, that was described as a lachenal and the style of the scroll work on the pictures did suggest that was the case.  However opening her up and there is not the usual markings inside ( I have access to 3 other Lachenals, and comparing to concertina museum). No L or R on the reed pans or bellow frames, the serial number is 512 but not stamped in the usual style.  The reeds are steel, and of the wheatstone/lachenal style.  The lever arms are double/U pinned/stapled (forgot to photo them!).  And after cleaning her up last night I couldn't see any makers mark.  There is a small 'steel reeds' stamp on the side of one of the palm rests.


Any guidance would be appreciated.  I have my suspicions, but wont voice them yet, so as to not influence your opinions :)








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I watched this on E-bay and also thought it looked like a Tidder.

I bought a 20 button Anglo recently which I am pretty sure is a Tidder. Things I found different to a L:achenal were as follows: solid mahogany ends, buttons with thinner ends than Lachenal, screws holding reeds in shoe bigger than Lachenal, bellows 'recessed' (perhaps 0.5cm in from ends). On mine the lever arms are held in place by a metal plate screwed into the action board.

Hope this helps.




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