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should we use a photo hosting site?

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I noticed during my documented Lachenal 79,001 Restoration that it’s pretty much stopped letting me post any pictures unless it cut them down to nothing.  I noticed that there is a limit to pictures and I’m a visual poster so should I use a photo hosting site?  Photobucket? Similar???  I’ve been a member for two or three months and mines already maxed out.


I noticed when reading old posts I often find good information for the things I’m researching and folks originally attached a photo to explain something but it’s now gone.  My guess is folks remove them as their attachment limit fills up leaving some old posts with dead photo links.  Just noticed a lot of that so it got me thinking about photo hosting sites.  


Cheers, Seth 

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A couple of options: share your I.G. posts to here, or upload the photos to a hidden folder on your own webserver.


I wouldn't trust Photobucket after that debacle a couple of years ago where they suddenly replaced every photo shared to a third party site with a ransom note.

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