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PRICE DROPPED for the HOLIDAYS - Wheatstone 62-button Maccann duet concertina for sale


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For sale:


Wheatstone 62-button Maccann duet concertina -- Serial # 35731 -- for sale at $2,850 or best offer, however, buyer must pay all shipping costs.




Here is a general comment about this instrument by a professional concertina specialist:  "(Regarding) the three buttons off to the left that are marked "BA", WH", and "WV".  The WV button is standard - it's what most players call an air release, but Wheatstone referred to it as a "Wind Valve".  The other two are novelty buttons which are uncommon on duet system concertinas; the WH is a bird whistle, and the BA is a baby cry (Wheatstone called this a "cock crow").  On the production records, this concertina is listed as a "SP (Special) Duet" with "bird & cock" pencilled in.  Cool stuff for concertina geeks..."


Please be aware that this belonged to our father who was a professional musician, however, we do not play the concertina.  We have tried it, and to the best of our abilities that we can tell, it seems to be in full working order.  However, you will be buying this instrument "AS IS" and it is not eligible for a refund.


Here are some photos.  If you would like to see more, please contact me privately at Michelenergy@yahoo.com or call me at (928) 554-5820 in the United States.


Thank you again for your interest.







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Price Drop - Again
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