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One of the stranger concertina pics I've seen

Daniel Hersh

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7 of the 9 are holding something either in their mouths or in a free hand.  What might that be?  What is the gent next to the box player holding?  Late in the year judging from the shrubbery and the dress code.  Badges or medallions at the shoulder.  Nattily dressed but not in uniform.  Boots/shoes all clean. The hats are all different as if acquired from a thrift shop.  Countenance neither dour nor cheery, rather indifferent.  All appear of a similar age.  Arms over shoulders, quite chummy.  A singing group of some sort, like a barber shop quartet I reckon.  What say you Sherlock?     ?

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Apologies, but the closet writer inside of me can't help but construct a story around this picture, which roughly goes like this:


This is a graduation theme party. The young men have just finished their education, possibly from a boarding school. Judging from the sense of comraderie and intimacy implied as well as the unhappy looks on their faces, they didn't have an overall good time, having been welded together by a common enemy.


They send this picture to their fathers, essentially mocking them and their lifestyle. Their elders apparently were involved in very traditional activities like hunting and marching bands, so the youngsters decorate themselves with those very attributes but make the overall composition (formal attire juxtaposed to overdone outdoor paraphernalia) look silly and ridicolous.


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8 hours ago, Wolf Molkentin said:

Mike, that's interesting - whereabouts does your friend live? I have spend nearly my entire lifetime in northern Germany, and am not aware of anything like that.


Best wishes - ?


Having grown up in Hamburg myself, Wolf, I can understand your confusion. Now that I live in Southern Germany, the picture is different. Have a look at this:




This is a performance of a music club of a 10.000 inhabitant town not too far away from where I live. My town (2000 inhabitants) has a musical society as well, and so have a perceived 80% of towns and villages (even still smaller ones than mine) . They are everywhere, and there hardly is any public event in which there is none of those bands performing. It's a rather old and thriving tradition. Fortunately the music is not quite as traditional anymore; these days there is a good share of jazz and pop music in the repertoire of those societies. However they still dress up in uniform most of the time (never seen any of the plumage though).


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