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An old question about dating Lanchenals. I have 2 English, nos 45815 & 58716 (which I am trying to refurbish/restore) and an Anglo no. 39666 (no idea of key yet, as I haven't even looked at it.) Can anyone help with their approx ages. Thanks in advance for any info.

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Posted (edited)

English No 45815 made circa 1906

English No 58716 made in 1922

Anglo No 39665 made circa 1876.

Note that there is no "circa" for No 58716. I am sure of the 1922 year of manufacture.

I sure would like to see the full descriptions: numberĀ of keys; wood or metal fretwork, bone or metal buttons; number of bellow folds; brass or steel reeds; any unsualĀ features?

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