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2019 NE Squeeze In Repair Wkshp Suggestions

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I'll finally be able to attend another NESI.  Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.  I plan on offering several concertina repair workshops.  Thought I'd do a general on troubleshooting common problems, setting up an instrument etc.  I also thought I'd devote one workshop to bellows, seals and air leak problems.


Do any of you, attendees or not, have suggestions for other repair issues or topics to be covered?


Looking forward,




PS.  I'll be able to bring a limited number of refurbished concertinas along with me.  If you are looking for something in particular, personal message me.

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Odd sounding notes - e.g. ones that suddenly go flat or warbly when they had been previously fine.


Notes that don't speak as well as the others.


Knowing when it's time to replace the pads

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hi Greg,


I don't know what you usually cover, but I like to include a session in my workshops covering 'fault finding' taking people back to sort of first principles, how to work out which reed chamber set and which side of the reed pan through to loose pad or broken spring, and what to do if you are on holiday and you want a temporary fix. we often brain storm this and get some odd-ball and fanciful ideas as well the teaching opportunity.



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Good suggestions from Dave and RWL.  I have brought a sickly, unrefurbished concertina to some past workshops and at the conclusion of the presentation had the participants "diagnose" possible problems from exhibited symptoms armed with the knowledge hopefully gained in the workshop.


I usually have copies of a checklist of symptoms, possible causes and possible remedies that I distribute.


And thanks for the reminder that theory is fine but how to effect a necessary emergency repair might be as improtant.

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You may have seen the dreaded book with the exploded view of the English concertina, I have the exploded view of the Anglo too, I find that these help with the de-mystifying of the mechanics of the instrument, better than the popular perception of  "' 'ere be dragons ".. 

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