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I am looking for a nice sounding nice playing and nice looking 20 button or more Anglo for an elderly lady friend of mine who is very enthusiastic to get her hands on her own concertina.

She has a limited budget and I am guiding her towards finding a concertina.






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I have a Lachenal CG in good playing condition with case (but doesn't lock). I'm selling it for a friend. Asking £420 but he would probably consider sensible offer. 


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Posted (edited)

If you get a Rosewood concertina from overseas remember the restriction on sending recent Rosewood due to Cites II endangered species rules.  An old Lachenal will definitely be catagorized as antique and will be ok to ship with the right paperwork..  But you need to label it correctly or it could be held up in customs.  My perfectly legal new wood Dipper spent 2 days with Homeland Security in Memphis while they determined this and/or what that unusual item  was.  I imagined folks at customs x-raying the box and saying what the heck is this?  I do believe my package was opened and inspected.   Chis Algar at Barleycorn Concertinas may have some advice on this.  Or there may be a thread in General Concertina Discussion or somewhere on this site.  I know of at least one flute that was sent without the proper permit and was permanently impounded and most likely destroyed.  In that case it was modern Cocobo and the sender listed it properly as such, but didn't realize it was on the restricted wood list.


Perhaps other viewers of this post could chime in somewhere on their international shipping experience.

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THanks for info. On my initial reply I hadn't noticed enquiry was from USA.  

I remember a few years ago having to open my bag at a security check at a German airport when my concertina puzzled them in the x-ray scan!

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