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Is it possible to buy pads?

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I recently had a ghosting note and played around with a pad for a few days to no avail. Today I decided to take the pad out and noticed a spot around the pad that was getting up a bit, thus preventing the middle section of the pad to completely block the air (that's my theory). With pliers, I squeezed the outside rim of the pad tightly and it seems to be doing the trick for now, no more ghosting... but I feel it's just a temporary solution. Does anyone know if someone can sell a few pads ready to be installed? I feel this is something that could be useful in the long run and I certainly don't have the skills to make some, not at the moment anyway! Thanks.

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I just ordered pads, springs, valves, bushing felt ,and bellows gaskets and top runs from Concertina Connection.  I thought their prices were reasonable, and service was exceptional.  From date of order it was about a week to delivery here in Newfoundland.  The package was extremely well organized and packed (individual tiny ziplocks for each bunch/size of component).  Also Wim and Karen sent me some helpful e-mails.  After my frustrating experience with Concertina Spares this was a real breath of fresh air.  The pads consist of 3 parts: the laminated leather/card circle, a small dot of leather, and a kind of little knot/knob that the lever arm goes through.  You glue the 3 together as you are installing them in place.  The seem very well made.  I would recommend them whole heartedly.


Oh, in an e-mail I asked them if the knew where I could find a small amount of bellows card for an unrelated project, and they stuck some off-cuts in the mail for me with no charge!


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