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Vibrato on the concertina video

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Thanks Simon, very instructive. I use a wee bit of an artful bellows shake too, when needed esp. on slow airs.


Thanks for drawing my attention to this musical effect... but what you are doing would be more like what I would call tremolo,... correct?


I've always understood true vibrato to mean a slow oscillation in pitch that centers in on a frequency ( not really possible on a concertina, but often employed on the fiddle). On the other hand, the concertina bellows delicately controls amplitude. Not pitch (so much). As such, it can mimic a violin's vibrato with your effect.

What I'm hearing you do is loud/soft variations in your sweet way with this tune... it's not vibrato at all, but rather a subltle tremolo (volume) that you are employing.


Still, I love your playing and thanks for sharing your cool vid. I certainly enjoyed listening.


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Thanks for the video excerpt. I use wrist movement to control this effect.


On the violin, vibrato is pitch modulation, which can be done with the finger, wrist, or forearm.  Also on the violin, tremelo is bow movement (control of volume and timbre).

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