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Amp for playing Concertina

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I play in a band (videos provided if desired), and with the drums, the bass, the guitar, and the accordion it's hard to be loud enough. I switched to playing my niece's Stagi (previously mine, but on temporarily loan back to me), so that I can get some sound.

But now, I've purchased the Feather-2 Meyers PIckups mic, and those seem to work just fine. BUT NOW, I need a portable amp. And one that runs off battery, as I play with my band in places without electricity.  

Any suggestions? I know there's a bunch out there, but any experience with them out there?



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If you can find a Fender Excelsior they have a dedicated accordion input...


Finding battery-powered amps loud enough to be heard in a full band can be tough because most of them are designed for busking. My suggestion would be to focus on those dedicated to acoustic guitar, as an electric amp will colour your tone in some way (although you might want that!) The Acus battery-powered ones are absolutely fantastic, even though they are a bit on the pricey side - the shop I work in does in-store gigs and I've had entire bands running through one of the 3-input ones before!

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Thanks, Fane! Yeah, a $1,000 battery powered amp is out of my price range, and more than I'll be making with the band anyway. A buddy gave me a Squier SP10 amp, evidently they are cheap, that I can use where there's electricity.  Playing with the amp, and sound from the concertina itself, the band had to ask me to turn it down but even on top volume it wasn't too overpowering. Just gotta find a battery one for when we play and there's no electricity. 

I've seen these Pignose? ones. Anyone have thoughts on that?


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